Baggage Insurance Coverage

Baggage Insurance Coverage

Theft/Damage of personal property during the entire trip1.500
Deductible per occurrence100

All travel baggage of the insured is covered during the entire trip. Travel baggage is defined as "all personal travel effects carried during a journey whether carried on the body, in clothing, or conveyed by a conventional means of transportation." Gifts and souvenirs acquired on the journey are also considered travel baggage. The insurance covers theft, damage resulting from fire, flood, storm, and force majeure. There is a limited compensation for damages to furs, jewelery, objects made of precious metals, photographic and film equipment and portable video systems, including their accessories in each case, as well as damages to gifts and souvenirs.

Exclusions: Money, securities, tickets, certificates and documents of any kind, objects of predominantly artistic or sentimental value, contact lenses, prostheses of any kind, computers, as well as land, air and water vehicles, including accessories thereto, including bicycles, hang gliders and windsurfing equipment.

GBP 1,5 - per travel day. Please note that we charge an additional GBP 5 service fee.

Note: A discount will be offered to applicants who apply for any of the Global Choices working holiday, internship, teaching abroad, or volunteering programmes.

Please contact us if you have questions or would like to make payment for your insurance over the phone.

The list of Cover and Benefits forms part of the Policy Conditions where the complete terms for the insurance policy are stated.

For a detailed representation, including all restrictions and exemptions from coverage, please read the detailed insurance terms and conditions.

How to file Baggage Insurance Claims

Baggage Insurance Claims must be notified in writing to the insurer without any delay (within one week). Always make copies of all documents for your own records.

If your baggage gets lost or damaged in transit, please enclose a damage report of the airline. In case of damage to baggage (theft or loss), you must also report the damage to the local police and enclose the police report with your claims notification.

In case of loss of valuable property (e.g. photographic and film equipment) please enclose original invoices of the lost object or a confirmation of loss of your travel organization with your claims notification.

Claims notifications have to be sent to:

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